Passionate Love.  Enduring Memories.

The union of two people is not just an event, it's a deep, innate part of our heart and soul,  one moment in time that creates an experience to remember.  

Video is an incredibly important aspect of your day, it rushes by in a beautiful blur and amidst the festivities it can be difficult to see everything that goes on throughout the day.  That's why we do what we do, we capture those memories; your glowing love for each other, your friends and family and the love they have for you, the decor, the ambiance and surroundings and the main event- your ceremony, and put it into a beautiful video so you can always remember one of the best days of your life.

Kyndra , Cinematographer, Editor, Founder

Kyndra, Cinematographer, Editor, Founder

A female cinematographer?  Heck yes!  A keen eye for detail,  intuitive, creative and driven, I pack a filmmaking punch.  Growing up as an artist, it took several years to finally figure out where my passion was.  It all started with a script and the realization that I lacked technical knowledge for filmmaking, which led me to film school and a bachelors.  While I did attain valuable knowledge to compliment my skill, there is much to gain from working with people and putting in the work, and that is one aspect I love, perpetual growth and an expansion of new ways to be creative.

When you work with me, you're working with a small team of artists that are passionate about their art, love to meet awesome couples like you, and are happy to be part of such a wonderful moment in two peoples lives.  We can't wait to commemorate your momentous day.