The artists

Kyndra - Cinematographer/Editor/Founder 

An artist that has explored several artistic outlets over the years such as portrait drawing, classical piano playing, stained glass windows, custom wood finishing, writing, dancing, and painting.  She decided to pursue her interest in art and hone it in to the craft of filmmaking and obtained a Bachelors degree in Video Production.  With a passion for storytelling she loves all aspects of filmmaking with a deep love and appreciation for cinematography and story telling.     

Justin Maki - 2nd Editor/2nd cinematographer

Maki has honed the craft of editing to it's finest, he sees the story piece itself together through visual integration.  He believes that growth comes from experience and from within, discovering the beauty in of each individual narrative.


One of Minneapolis's finest cinematographers, Dave started out his career in the military; honorably serving his country and once his service was over, he attended film school achieving a bachelors degree and harnessed his ability to capture the beauty and essence of the moment.  He takes cinematography to another level by getting lost in the visual world, becoming part of it by creating a story through video.